Learning to pole dance is a progression.  You start with some basic moves and add on and add on, until you build up your strength and finally end up doing things upside down.  No one starts upside down or ten feet up the pole.

If you are overweight, out of shape or about as flexible as a piece of iron, pole dancing is still possible.   Part of what makes pole dancing so attractive is the focus on getting in touch with one’s self and connecting with a part of you that is often overlooked.

Everyone moves their body differently and everyone moves their body beautifully. The way I move my body is different to the way anybody else does – and that is what’s wonderful and special and needs to be celebrated.  In the beginning, a lot of dancing is spent letting your brain shut off and letting your body take over moving to the music.

The first trick I ever learned was the Fairy, also known as the Fireman. It was so empowering.  I had so much fun that I did not even notice I was working out. My muscles, however, were more than happy to let me know that I had worked them the next day.  Even though it is a fairly basic spin, the Fairy is beautiful, and can be combined with a lot of other tricks into some amazing combinations.

Think of a kid in a playground spinning down a fire pole.  The Fairy is like that, but from a standing position.  It is easiest to perform with your dominant hand up, slightly higher than shoulder height. You engage through the shoulder and latismuss dorsi muscle, swing out with your opposite leg and hook it around the pole. Grab the pole slightly lower than chest level with your non-dominant hand, and then pick up your other foot and sandwich the pole between your feet.  Allow your momentum to carry you around the pole and spin down to the ground.  As you practice this and get better, your spins will be faster, and you will be able to do this with only your dominant hand and with other added accents such as a hair whip.  Remember these tricks even as you get more advanced in your dancing – they can be useful. A word of advice: practice all tricks on your dominant and non-dominant hand.  This will help you so much as you advance in your dancing.

It may take time to master tricks – it should take time. This is hard stuff, but it is also a whole lot of fun.  In a few weeks you will be a spinning fairy or fireman and you will not believe how far you have come.

Changes are subtle but they happen – soon you will see more definition in your arms and waist.  Your overall muscle tone will improve, your body fat percentage will decrease and all while you are having so much fun.

If you think the pole is intimidating, it is understandable – try beginning with floor work or body waves (these can also be great fat burners!). Floor work, wall work etc. have a very important place in your dance and are often neglected.  Pole dancing can make even push-ups sexy!

Pole dancing is a huge amount of fun.  It is amazing exercise experience, improving cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility in one activity.

Nearly every woman can find a home in a pole studio.  A good studio will have well trained instructors who will be able to provide modifications so that exercises are appropriate for women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Pole dancing may be a fad, but it is great exercise.

This article was written by Start Right PT an Essex Personal Training


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