The first pole dancing class can be like the first day of school – except more stressful and intimidating. I hope this guide will give you a little idea of what you may expect, just so you are not completely surprised.

My best girl friend and I decided to take a pole dancing class together for the fun of it. We had had a mutual friend take pole dancing classes and rave about them, so we decided to give it a try.

After finding the studio, we were welcomed and filled out some paperwork, legal releases etc., and then were invited to watch some higher level ladies dance.  The room in which they were dancing was dark, lit with candles and a red light, just enough to illuminate the dancers in a flattering light. I was stunned.  These women were climbing the poles like monkeys, flipping upside down doing these incredible tricks; you could have knocked me over with a feather.

This particular studio begins class with meditation as a way for students to get out of their heads and get into the moment.  I find this time invaluable.  It is my time to transition from my roles as a mother, wife etc., to being me, just me.

The meditation ends with some stretching and then we began a basic work out. It was in the candlelit studio so each of us could focus on doing the workout ourselves, without worrying about others being critical of us.

After the work out we learned two basic tricks: the fairy and a basic pole dance spin.  A few pieces of advice for this: do not wear jewelry on your hands or arms.  It can scratch the pole or hurt you. Also do not use lotion on the day of your pole class.  You will slide right off the pole.  Later, when tricks get harder, having skin grip will be crucial to staying on the pole.   Wear shorts.  Even the fairy works better if you have a little skin to grip with.   It does seem that the more advanced you are as a pole dancer the less clothes you wear.  This in large part is practical.  You need skin to grip the pole.

We closed class by watching the instructor dance.  I was again in awe. I was convinced there was no way I would ever be able to move like that. Now, 3 years later, I am living breathing proof that even the most mom-ish among us can do amazing things on the pole with a little practice.

Going into class I was fully expecting to not love it. I did not anticipate signing up for a full session or now, three years later be competing, teaching, and yes – still learning.  I did not anticipate forming such amazing bonds with my classmates.  I did not know that I would come to depend on my pole time or the women in my class.  More than any of that, I did not anticipate asking for a pole in my house for Mother’s Day.  I did though, and I got one.   A pole that I can put up and take down in my living room when I just need to turn my mind off and dance.


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