So what have I been up to recently? Went to a UKAPP heat, started organising the Pole to Peak Poleathon for the Kilimanjaro trek, held an instructor training day and workshop with KT Coates and…. oh yes….attempted the ballerina – don’t laugh!

Went down to a UKAPP heat where one of my students won her heat in the pole performer category. I do offer free practice to any student wanting to enter a competition or a show as it is a nerve racking experience at the best of times, and judging by how many times she wanted to go over her dance, I knew she would never be satisfied.  Eventually we decided it would be best for her to have at least one day before the competition to rest up. I was so thrilled when they called her name I screamed ‘Yey’ and danced round in circles so loudly everyone looked at me!  still, as she said, it would have looked a bit odd if she had done that so she was glad I did it for her 🙂

The Poleathon is gathering a lot of interest. It is going to be so exciting with so many pole schools coming together to raise money for such a worthwhile cause. 12 hours of non-stop pole dancing is sure to raise some interest. I love organising events for The Pole Sports Benevolent Fund. We have 10 people climbing Kilimanjaro and I am soon going to launch the next challenge – watch this space!

Having had lots of issues recently getting the right insurance, it has become so necessary to make sure that my instructors are properly trained. I decided the best way was for each of them to do the Vertical Dance instructor course and KT Coates came up to Oxford for the weekend.  What a lot of fun it was. Everyone learned so much more than they expected and KT did a fabulous workshop on Saturday evening.

I suppose I had better come clean about my pole dancing efforts. I did have a go at the Ballerina, easy I thought, just a pose I thought. But no. I made the mistake of trying it in front of too many instructors. ‘Put your leg higher’, ‘stretch your arm out further’, ‘try and make a straight line’, ‘hips forward’, all good advice for someone else probably, but for me, I just fell over!  So I apologise for trying to cheat by picking an easy move, it seems that I really do have a challenge ahead of me. So this week I will pick the Basic Fireman as recommended by my newly qualified daughter!

See you next week x

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