My name Is Fajar Desmana, some people know me as Jay or Jay Tjung. Right now I’m working in Clubmed; Dongao, China.

To be Ulimate Champion and Men Professional Pole Champion was never in my mind or even my dreams.

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Mama Sanae Inue (JPN), Connie Lee (SIN), Oliver Hu (TWN) for being my 24-hour supporters. Love you all!!! I would like to say thank you to G.O Team Clubmed Dong’Ao for your supports and prayers.

I started gymnastics when I was 7 years old in Bandung, a small city in Indonesia. My family is not wealthy so my dad tried to help develop my talent as gymnast, hoping I could get an athletics scholarship. It worked… I was accepted and later, graduated from a private Christian high school that I was able to attend through a scholarship. When I was 19 years old I decided to stop my career in Gymnastics and start to learn “artistic sports” like Figure Skating, Salsa, Cheerleading and Aerial Arts. I learned my aerial arts through YouTube, because in Indonesia we didn’t have any circus schools or aerial studios at that time. This experience brought me to a big event in Indonesia, “Indonesia’s Got Talent,” and I was chosen as a SEMIFINALIST! From then on, I got the job in theater of a theme park and I got a chance to learn circus arts from a professional circus artist. That experience gave me yet another chance to get another opportunity to bring my career to higher level. Introduced by one of my best friends Marina Martam from Indonesia, I got the job as Clubmed Gentile Circus Organizer.

I knew of the Pole Paradise Studio Tournament from my best friend last year. At that time I was too late to send in a video entry. I wanted to apply as Professional Silk Competitor at that time because I was a Circus Instructor in Clubmed, (Cherating Malaysia.) I wanted to join this competition to bring Indonesia into the world of pole dancing.

I start learning pole dancing in October, 2013 in Clubmed. I got the dance pole from a guest who loves me as I were her son. Learning by doing, that’s what I did, because my job in Clubmed is very busy. As a G.O we works more than 12-hours a day and finish working at 12 midnight. It’s really hard to practice but that’s never made me give up. Even on my holiday, I always plan to visit some pole studios in Malaysia and Singapore. Thanks to Maple Asaro – Bobbi’s in Malaysia who taught me and inspired me. Thanks as well to Viva Vertical who gave me a chance to practice with you guys. Also I never ever want to forget to say thank you to Tan Li Leng, Lina Tan, and Bobbi who gave me a chance to participate in Bobbi’s Workshop in Singapore. Since that time I practice every day after work, even if I finish around 2am in the morning and start working at 9am.

2-months before the competition I got a really bad injury. My hurt my back, so I could not bend, even standing up for long time was impossible. It stressed me out because I could not practice at all. But after 1-month rest and light practice and therapy fortunately my back recovered and I started practicing harder.

My difficulties in getting to the PPS Tournament are not only limited to practice time, but also costumes and isolated locations. A week before the competition I got really bad news, my costume was sent to the wrong address. So, the solution, I had to make costume myself with limited materials because on the Island where I live we don’t have any material shops.

Nothing is impossible, with hard work, support and prayers. Don’t give up because we always have a chance even when we never think we will get it. Just enjoy the competition as a SHOW performance. Focus on yourself and not looking around, and always be humble because we are not number one, there is still God above you.

God Bless You

Photos by Thomas from Sportsoho magazine


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