Pole2Pole Magazine each month feature an article that shows you how you can target certain muscles directly with the pole.

Below is a move taken from our November magazine to blast those abdominals. This article is called “Instructional pole fitness moves” and is written by Jennifer Wilkins of Pole Expression each and every month.

The Standing side knee crunch

Stand to the left of the pole facing forward. Place right foot against the base of the pole and turn toe out 45 degrees. Step left foot out until stance is slightly wider then hips. Grab pole with right hand at shoulder height. Take left arm and reach over your head to the left until arm is behind the pole pointing straight at the right wall. Take left leg and straighten out to the left until your leg and arm make a diagonal angle. Keep your right knee slightly bent. Keeping left knee pointing outward, slowly lift upward while at the same time bringing left elbow down creating a side crunch. Be sure to keep body in a still and stable posture. The only part of your body that moves is your left arm and left leg. Make sure you keep your knee facing out when you lift, if facing forward you are working your front and not your side. Continue until you have reached 20 reps on each side.

Jennifer has lots more toning and strength training techniques in up and coming issue so be sure to get yourself a subscription if you haven’t already.


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