School Address: OMG! Pole and Hoop Fitness Studio, Lubbards Farm, Rayleigh, Essex.


Website: (coming soon)

Tel No: 07958 650050 or 07805 497021

Instructor’s Names: Hannah Spicer, Annette Savill, Samantha Cowie, Lorraine Johnson, Vicki Wells.


Established Since:

We originally set up offering pole dancing tuition as ‘The Pole Dancing Studio’ in 2009 after instructing at various venues in Essex. Due to pole dancing becoming more recognised as a fitness exercise and sport, the demand for pole fitness grew. This enabled us to move to our new purpose built pole fitness studio in 2012 newly dubbed… OMG! Pole and Hoop Fitness.



OMG! Pole and Hoop Fitness Studio, Lubbards Farm, Rayleigh, Essex.


Equipment used:

At present our studio consists of: 2 x 50mm 14ft Poles (1 spinning), 1 x 45mm Platinum Star Stand Alone Pole Stage and an Aerial hoop (with height adjustment). Our studio offers a range of safety mats and we hold public liability insurance.


Classes you offer:

At present we offer classes on: Mondays 7-9pm, Tuesdays 8-10pm, Wednesdays 8-10pm, Thursdays 6-10pm (private sessions), Sundays 2-4pm. Private Sessions are also available every day with times to suit any person/group.


New classes for 2013 include:

More Pole Fitness group classes, Aerial hoop classes, Mysterious moves (only for over 18’s), Burlesque classes and of course a number of Master classes for those wishing to train with world renowned pole dance athletes.

We also offer the studio to rent for competitors requiring routine practice on 14ft high poles.


Levels Offered (Pro, Beginner etc):

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Competition Level. We also offer tuition for people with compromised physical abilities.


Class Structure:

For the first hour of group sessions we begin with a thorough warm up which incorporates; cardiovascular exercise, stretch and flex and strength exercises. We strive to ensure our students are properly warmed up to eliminate any potential injuries associated with pole fitness. We never begin instructing without fully warming up.

Following our warm up we spend the first hour of our 2 hour classes working on individual spins, combination spins and handspring training (depending on the students ability).

The second hour concentrates on different types of climbing, inverts, inverted combinations and holds. Depending on the level of the individuals the instructors adapt the moves to provide variations on the tricks taught. This ensures each student is able to grow individually in their training.

Following our 2 hour classes we complete a thorough warm down stretch. During the warm down we recap over the session where positive feedback is given and areas of improvement can be discussed.


A Couple of the Moves Taught:

Only to name a few… Handspring, Handspring variation, Handspring flip, Kick through, Corkscrew combinations, Climbing with inverts, Knee hold, Flags, Iron X, Iguana combinations, Handstand onto the pole, Fallen angel, Inverted Ayesha, Caterpillar, Shoulder mounts, Shoulder mount combos, Superman, Brass monkey, Brass monkey combinations, Spinning inverts/climbing/combinations and many more!


Class Venues and Their Facilities:

Our studio is located on a private equestrian establishment surrounded by other businesses including a gym and martial arts centre. We are a private studio with FREE parking which is situated directly outside. The studio has no windows so people are not able to look in whilst our students are training.

We offer free chilled mineral water and have our own toilet/changing facilities. The studio has seating and a wall covered with mirrors, so should our students wish to observe their aerial positions they can.

We have invested in a variation of mats including an extra-large thickness mat to ensure the students safety. The studio also offers a cd/I pod dock for musical needs (should students wish to practice their routines for competitions).


Quick Background of the Instructors:

Annette: This lady is the one to get started with, making the classes fun, fun, fun, Annette has been teaching for 8 years and is able to put any pole ‘newbie’ at ease. Dubbed ‘mummy pole’ Annette is an energetic, easy going, inventive instructor with a safe working and supportive ethic. Having taught many of the current pros now competing, Annette has seen the pole fitness industry evolve and her students grow. She is truly the backbone of our pole fitness sessions by ensuring the students have the correct technical base to advance within pole fitness.

Hannah: With a history of poling for nearly 8 years, Hannah is a qualified fitness instructor who has a supportive teaching ethic. Being a tall and built instructor she is able to support the students whilst they transition into different moves to ensure their safety. Innovative and encouraging, Hannah uses a ‘try it again’ attitude to really encourage the students to try moves, crack their nemesis tricks and strive to improve. Offering the support and praise an instructor should Hannah’s classes are always popular.

Samantha Cowie: Well this lady has gone from strength to strength. Starting out as a student with Annette, Samantha has gone onto to compete and win in a number of competitions some of which include; 2010 instructor winner, Polarize competition 2010 advanced winner, 3rd in the British Isles Pole Dance Champion 2011. Samantha concentrates on strength training, incorporating ballet elements and teaching fresh, new tricks. Being a qualified fitness instructor Samantha is a supportive tutor, with an ability to incorporate beautiful methods of transitioning into tricks.

Lorraine Johnson: Lorraine is our gutsy girl! She tries new moves and invents some along the way. Having previous experience in competitions she is able to direct those wishing to break into the competition scene with confidence. Always easy to relate to Lorraine is a fantastic trouble shooter where she can work out how to combine tricks with ease even if they are gravity defying! Lorraine like the OMG! Team is always supportive and uses spotting techniques to ensure every student is looked after during their pole practice.

Vicki Wells: A woman made of steel, this lady is a go getter when it comes to pole fitness. She always pushes herself and her students to get the most out of their training. Vicki is not only a wiz on the pole but her strength and determination enable her to transfer her skills to the hoop. Being a former gymnast Vicki is able to use her experience and knowledge to direct students in the most effective and safest way to improve their flexibility to benefit their pole fitness moves.

Your School’s Ethos or Slogans:

Training with us at OMG! Pole and Hoop fitness is an experience that not only offers a fun, technical and safe environment to train in, it also offers its students the opportunity to progress as individuals.

We do not offer fixed courses for pole fitness, instead we offer pay as you go sessions. We find this not only ensures that people with a natural ability can advance faster in their training, it also allows for those needing a little more time to learn their tricks to do so without the rush to fit it all in within a certain time.

Our ethic at OMG! Pole and Hoop fitness is: Safety, Support, Fun, Training hard and NO nastiness! We strive to offer an environment that people of all abilities, ages, sizes and shapes can train in without the worry of feeling out of place. We believe a happy student is one that learns to the best of their ability!

OMG! Pole and Hoop Fitness Studio are pleased to be able to display the prestigious Pole2Pole Approved Instructor Logo.


Any Future plans: 

Being an established pole fitness school we have recognised changes happen within the pole fitness industry. Being an innovative school we are always looking to the next gravity defying discipline. Aerial hoop is our next venture and Aerial Silks will be next on the agenda. Although we are discovering these other methods of aerial fitness our roots are pole fitness, this is what we do, this is what we love and this will always be the back bone of OMG!

OMG! Pole and Hoop Fitness Studio will offer the GoesWell-Pole2Pole Syllabus pole dance grading course to get recognition and have more choice. The course is designed for those with a flair for teaching without the hassle of lesson planning as you will be taught to teach the GoesWell-Pole2Pole Syllabus. More details about the GoesWell-Pole2Pole instructor course call 07958 650050 or 07805 497021


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