Taking workshops from professional dancers is one of my favorite parts of pole competitions, conventions and shows.  Pole as a sport is constantly evolving and new tricks are being developed and featured all the time.

Taking workshops from professional pole dancers is a wonderful way to learn new things or conquer nemesis tricks. Often the professionals have insight or advice that would not have occurred to you any other way.

Like all pole classes there are a bunch of things to consider when signing up for a pole workshop.

·      Make sure it is targeted towards your level. If you cannot do the prerequisites, do not sign up. If the instructor requests all attendees to be able to do a controlled chopper or hold Gemini on both sides, be sure you can. You will be putting yourself at risk if you can’t.

Most competitions have workshops targeted towards all levels. You can probably find one that fits your needs, if not, contact the organizers – maybe they can put something together.

The bigger pole shows such as the United Kingdom Pole Dancing & Fitness Convention, Las Vegas Pole Expo or the International Pole Convention are giant industry leaders that offer workshops for everyone.

·      Pole workshops are about more than mastering crazy tricks. Ever wonder how Aerial Amy makes her static pole work look like it is on spin? She has a workshop for that. Want to know how to rock the floor like Alethea? She has a workshop for that. There are workshops on everything from Cleo The Hurricane’s crazy amazing work to Felix Cane’s incredible flexibility. Keep an eye out for what is offered. More and more workshops are being offered. Almost every pole convention, show, and competition has some workshops associated with it. Pole dancers are notoriously supportive and love to teach each other.

·      As well as with competitions, local studios often host professionals for workshops and private lessons when on tour. You can usually follow your favorite pole dancer on Facebook and find out her scheduled stops or request that she come to your area.

Another option is travel-ins, where instructors that do not want to tour anymore opt to host visiting students. Most professionals love teaching and sharing their love of pole.

·      Assuming you find a competition, convention, or show that has a bunch of workshops that you want to sign up for, try not to over-commit yourself.  Pole dancing is hard work and can be very strenuous.  Pace yourself or you will be risking injury.

·      Be respectful.  There is often a lot of information thrown at you in a 90 minute workshop.  Take notes or video if allowed but save the chatting for afterwards – you may miss something important!

Taking professional workshops is a great way to add to your trick list, learn how to incorporate beautiful lines, learn new transitions, improve your flexibility, or learn amazing accents. Finding them is getting easier and easier as pole dancing becomes more and more popular. Just do so safely and responsibly.  Most importantly have fun!


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