I thought it would be good to let you know my pole history, so you can get to know more about me and my pole past!

I began pole dancing after going to a class in Nottingham with my friends when I was 16. I was amazed to be able to climb on my first lesson and I was hooked straight away! I attended weekly classes at Venus pole dancing, and quickly worked my way up to advanced moves. I managed to fit in at least 5 hour of pole dancing a week!

Unfortunately, due to money issues and lack of time, I began to pole less and less and couldn’t attend the lessons. I had a pole at my house, but due to size of the rooms, I was unable to practice at home, so it quickly took a back seat!

In October 2011, I moved to Essex to study at the University. I thought that the sports federation would include a pole dancing society, as I know that many uni’s across the UK do, but unfortunately it didn’t! However, I found a local company, called little sapphires, who held classes every Tuesday night. I was really nervous at first, as I was used to attending classes where I knew everyone, but I was quickly welcomed and really enjoyed the class! And luckily, I hadn’t lost as much strength as I thought!

After speaking to my instructor, Catherine, I decided to attempt to start a pole dancing club at the University, which after many months of planning, meetings and organization, has been set up, and is due to start in October, exclusive to students at the Uni! I was also encouraged and supported by little sapphires to enter the pole2pole amateur cup Essex heat, which I came 2nd in! The whole night was amazing, and I have never thought that I would compete, until I came to Essex, and now I’m in the final in October!

Now, I am back in Nottingham for the summer holidays, and busy planning the club, training for the competition and trying to keep fit and healthy. I haven’t been attending classes back here, as I am short of money, but I have set my pole up in my room (despite the small space) and I am keeping up with practice, and getting all excited to go back to Essex, and get back into my pole structure!


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