Yesterday I competed in the first heat of the ‘Pole factor’. The heat was at Route nightclub in Colchester, and was hosted by little sapphires.
I hadn’t had long to prepare for this; as the first heat was only a few weeks after the event was released and I have been moving house, but I put together a routine to Adele ‘Make you feel my love’ for the classical/artistic category. I felt more comfortable putting together something which wasn’t too technical but what I felt I could achieve in the time period, and consisted of moves which I am very confident in. My moves included the cradle spin, cupid, butterfly, diamond lady and crucifix.

My performance went well but I found myself in an awkward position when I was getting into a cupid to butterfly combo, but after a little struggle I got there eventually! This was my second performance in front of a crowd and it felt a lot easier than my first time, and I definitely feel that the more performances I do the more confident I will feel.

The best thing about this competition is that you get to hear feedback from the judges! It was really good to be able to hear your strong and weaker points. My strong points were my flow, my connection to the audience and my elegance, with the weaker points being that I needed to hold my poses for longer and that I could have done with a few more technical moves, which I completely agree with and will remembers for my next routines!

This means I am into the semi final, and if I make it through then I will be in the grand final in May. I hope to get to see the other heats before the semi final and see who else gets through. I think this is an ideal competition for a first timer as they judge you on your ability and not against others. If what you do is technically correct and is enjoyable to watch then you will score high, regardless if other competitors perform more advanced moves than you. It also allows the performer to grow through the stages, and develop on the pointers that they received.

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