An article written by Teresa McAllister and taken from the May 2010 issue of Pole2Pole Magazine.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!

I’m 50 and I’m a pole dancer!

I am also a grand mother of two, Chloe aged 9 and Emily age 4 and I go to pole dancing classes twice a week.
How did I get into pole dancing? Years ago I remember watching the Lily Savage Show  and on the programme was a pole dancer. I had never seen a pole dancer before and she was fantastic. I have never forgotten that show and have always wanted to try pole dancing.
Years later I saw an advert for vertical exercise and instantly applied for lessons. I was brave enough to go on my own and met three other girls Cheryl, Selina and Zoe all in their 20’s. We were four novices but we worked together each week and became good friends.
When I first started pole classes even the easy moves where a challenge and it took me about three months to even climb the pole. The bruises were huge but they were our badges of honour. We would compare bruises and encourage each other every week when attempting  new moves.

Pole dancing is challenging, fun and there is so much camaraderie ,because we all know what it’s like to start polling, we always offered encouragement to each other and beginners.

It’s not a bitchy world because we all know how much it takes to achieve even the simplest of moves, but I can tell you, when you get them, what a feeling! There are cheers and whoops from instructors and class mates. Your confidence soars and you feel on top of the world.

There is no FAILING in pole dancing, there is only the determination to succeed. You fight the frustration, and sometimes pain(no pain no gain) and you know what? You get there.
You conquer the move and then move towards nailing another. The strength you think you haven’t got comes with practice, you face fears head on and you begin to realise that if you believe in yourself and stay with it you can achieve what you thought was impossible.
I know the first time I saw our instructor do an invert and hold on with just her legs, I thought “yea, like I’m ever going to do that”. Well guess what I did!!!!!

After a year of classes at our first school, we decided we wanted to learn more advanced moves and so we enrolled at JLN Pole Fitness in Westhoughton. This was such a great move.
Jess Leanne Norris our instructor/owner of the  JLN Studio is amazing on the pole and I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and I’m  now doing even more ‘impossible’ moves.
Jess offers so much encouragement and makes learning  fun. Yes it’s hard work and sometimes a bit scary, but it really is worth it. Jess watches over us and gives expert advice as do her fellow teachers.

You may be wondering why I have written this article. Well it’s to encourage all you ‘older’ ladies out there that polling isn’t just for the young. It’s for the YOUNG AT HEART.
It’s fun, it keeps you fit, helps you lose weight and make new friends. There is a pole community within the club you join and also on-line, I chat with poler’s in America on Veena .com
What would I say to those thinking about giving it a go? Don’t THINK about it DO IT. Trust me ladies somewhere out there, there is a pole with your name on it.

I am 50 years young. I’m doing moves people half my age can’t do. 50 ! IT’S JUST A NUMBER. Pole dancing is good for the mind, body and spirit. My confidence has grown, I walk taller and hold my head high. I tell you as a professional counsellor they should  put pole dancing on prescription. If you are depressed, recovering from a broken heart or just stuck in the doldrums, give pole a try. You have got nothing to lose and a lot to gain. I tell you ladies they are going to have to bury me with my pole it”s a part of my life now.
Make sure you get a good teacher like Jess and school like JLN in Westhoughton and you will never look back. Believe me I am living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.


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