Name: Sarah Brilli
Height: 1, 65
Weight: 52kg
Age: 33 years
School or Club: “Accademia della Danza”
Location: Roma
Signature Move (Favourite Move): Twisty Grip. I haven’t created a new move, but I have certainly created some important Artistic Pole Choreography.
Favourite Song: Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You. It reminds me of my first dance teacher.
Splits or no Splits? Splits.

P2P: How did you find Pole Dance, or did it find you?

SB: We found it together. My choreographer friend told me about pole dance, he showed me some Felix Cane videos on YouTube and I fell in love with pole dance immediately. I searched for some pole dancing schools in Rome, and after finding one, I started immediately.


P2P: Who taught you, or how did you learn?

SB:I started with Titty Tamantini a Roma and I perfected my pole dancing skills in Manchester. I participated at many workshops with important pole dancers like Zoraya, Rafaela Montanato and Steven Retchless.


P2P: How did you think and feel back then, being a newbie?

SB: I felt that this style of dance could be the new dance for me and for every dancer. It’s a complete dance and sport which combines art, fitness, creativeness, aircraft and soil movements.


P2P: And now?

SB: The same.


P2P: Where or who do you get your inspiration from?

SB: The first that I saw – Felix Cane.


P2P: Describe your dancing style in one sentence.

SB: Emotional and artistic.


P2P: What training regimes or diets do you have?

SB: Generally carbohydrates at lunch and protein at dinner, and many vegetables.


P2P: How often do you pole, and how long for?

SB:  Almost every day for 2/3 hours. After exhibitions I have 1 or 2 days to relax.


P2P: What are your thoughts and opinions about the industry and pole dancing being more mainstream now?

SB: I think that the increasing popularity of pole dancing is beautiful.


P2P: How have things changed?

SB:I hope that this dance will be managed by technical sports or competent people from the art and dance world.


P2P: What are your favourite moves?

SB: Twisty grip with its variations and all pole spin moves.


P2P: How long did it take you to nail those?

SB: 5 months.


P2P: Who are your favourite dancers out there now?

SB:Steven Reachers.


P2P: What competitions have you entered, or won?

SB:I won the first Italian Pole Championship and I participated at two World Pole Championships: Tokyo, December 2010 and Rio de Janeiro, September 2011.


P2P: What are your future plans for pole dance?

SB:  I’d like to participate in other championships alone and in double. At the moment, in Italy I’m doing a touring theatrical: a theatre comic show with many actors. Last year our show was so successful that we have had fifty replicas and this year we will start on the 19th-20th November in Montelupo (Rome) in the Aldo Fabrizi Theatre. These shows are great opportunities to let people know about pole dance and to mix this dance with other arts. I’m touring around Italy with my pole dancing friend Tamara Tassi in our Double Pole Dance Show. My next plan is to open my own school in Rome (hopefully next year in Tuscany too) and to start my pole dance lessons very soon. My photographer and friend Sara Cerboni and I are creating Pole Dance Lessons with funny photos and we will make more in the future. Next December I will be in Genevre for my International Lyrical Pole Choreography Workshop. For more news and pictures, please check out my website:


P2P: Do you have any upcoming events? 

SB: Soon I will open my pole dance school and I’ll exhibit again in an original pole dance theatre show.


P2P:What hints and tips would you like to share with our readers?

SB:Never stop dancing.



We’d like to inform you that Sara was nominate in Top 6 for “Pole Choreographer of the year”with her emotional exhibition in Tokyo 2010.


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