It seems like everything has a convention or conference these days and pole dancing is no exception.  These pole dancing conventions are often combined with competitions for elite and professional pole dancers (for fitness – not exotic), but best of all, elite and professional pole dancers often offer workshops to help dancers learn new things.

Conventions and conferences sometimes have the reputation of being very dull and boring.  That is anything but true for a pole convention. What other kind of convention will be teaming with women all wanting to learn more about this extraordinary sport?

There was a pole dancing convention that took place recently where dancers from all over the world came to learn, teach and share in the amazing fun of pole dancing. There were several different competitions for dancers to enter if they wanted to compete, a showcase for the professionals to inspire the audience, workshops to learn and a vendor fair to see what new items are available in the pole dancing industry.

In a sight that could only take place at a pole convention, women were stripping down to try on new pole clothes. Pole clothes are somewhat specialized as they need to provide support, be ideally pretty, but not have too much fabric, as a dancer needs skin to grip the pole for more advanced tricks, thus some standard exercise clothes are not suitable for pole dancing at more advanced levels.

Vendors at the pole convention had grip aids, different sized poles, clothes and accessories.  There were also silks and hoops for attendees to try a different type of dance that is also amazing and beautiful.

Workshops were offered by some of the top names in pole dancing.  There were workshops appropriate for every level of dancer from beginners to those considering entering their first pole competition.  The workshops had different focuses – some were focused on climbs and different inverting techniques, others were focused on helping dancers solve nemesis tricks and perfect their spins.  Almost any dancer could find a workshop.

Some workshops begin with a workout before moving on to tricks.  If you have a packed workshop schedule, be aware of this – you may have just signed yourself up for an epic workout! Many of the professionals will have certain exercises that they find have been helpful for working on a specific muscle group.  Pay attention or take notes.  Some attendees even video them.

Attending these competitions and conferences is not mandatory, but it can be a lot of fun and inspirational.  The tricks that these women can do on a pole are so amazing and stunning and watching it online does not do them justice. While most of us will never reach the same level as some of the dancers, listening to them and learning from their experiences can be invaluable.  Often they will have simple advice that makes something so much easier.

Pole conventions are offered a few times throughout the year.  If you are fortunate enough to live near one, go. It is an amazing experience and unlike any other kind of conference I have ever attended.  For an amateur dancer, I would not recommend a huge financial outlay to attend a conference, especially at the beginning of a pole career.

One of the most amazing things about poling is that women of all shapes and sizes do it and watching women transform physically and emotionally is a privilege. I have seen women who have entered the pole studio overweight and four months later becoming much more fit and confident. One thing to remember is that muscle is denser than fat, so the same volume of fat will weigh less than the same volume of muscle. Instead of being a slave to the scales, think about adding in measurements too, so even if your weight is stubborn you can see the progress!

I have found that pole is an addictive activity – the more I do it the more I want to do it, which is a relationship that I have never had with any other exercise regime ever before. This virtually guarantees I will have noticeable fitness results. How many exercise classes boast that they are not boring? What could be boring about climbing to the top of a pole and flipping upside down?


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