There are some within the pole dancing industry – for example pole dancing membership groups, one or two pole studio owners and one or two individuals – that are narrow-minded, and all they seem do is spend countless hours on their websites and on their Facebook pages trying to rule the pole dancing industry and criticizing anything – one of these topics being about what pole dancing event organizers do within the pole dancing industry.

The reason they seem to do this is because the competition organizers are not a member of their group or their Facebook page, and trying to name and shame competition organizers and organizers of other pole dancing related events makes them all as tragically opinionated as each other. They think that by doing this, the pole dancing industry is going to sit and agree with them. They need to understand that this will not happen and all they are doing is damaging and dividing the pole dancing industry with their arrogant ways. It is creating a bigger distance between not only the competition and event organizers, but everyone within the pole dancing industry.

These groups expect organizers to agree with their opinions on competition guidelines, but considering the fact that there is no official authorised governing body and no officially fixed guidelines for pole dancing competitions and events, who is to say what is wrong and what is right? It is a matter of opinion and it is of nobody’s business but the event organizers’ and those who wish to participate and accept the guidelines which have been set out for each individual event.

What is the motive of these groups? Perhaps these groups are trying to take advantage of the lack of guidelines and are trying to influence people to believe that their opinion is right. It just seems that nine times out of ten, the people behind all of this are just looking for as much publicity as possible to help get more competition and event organizers to join up and pay to become a member of their group, and also to have pole students join their pole studio which will possibly lead to sales of their products.

Hopefully, by informing the pole dancing industry about the narrow-mindedness within these pole dancing approved membership groups, pole studio owners and some individuals will now get the message and wake up to the reality that the pole dancing industry is not interested in hearing about how things should be done or what organizers should be doing. These groups need to understand that until the pole dancing industry has only one official authorised governing body within government, they will not be able to demand or try to bully any competition or event organizer to join them or follow any of their guidelines.

We would like to point out that this is just in relation to a small number of pole dancing membership groups, pole studio owners and individuals that sell products. They need to change their way of thinking because no matter how hard they try, they will not change what the pole dance industry wants and they will not have an impact on any pole dancing competitions and events.

The only way the pole dancing industry is kept alive is by having pole dancing competitions and other pole dancing related events. The industry is growing each month with hundreds of new pole dancers taking up lessons in studios around the world and then moving on to competitions such as the Pole2Pole USA Cup, which are crucial for the future of the pole dancing industry. This has been proven as hundreds of contestants are applying around the world to enter competitions and other events which are available, and no matter how hard these groups and individuals try to jeopardise these events, the contestants will carry on entering competitions and being passionate about them.


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