I have entered 3 competitions this year, and they have all seemed to fall within a few months of each other! I have never competed before until I entered the pole 2 pole Essex heat, which I came 2nd in. I really enjoyed competing and the pressure to make things are perfect as possible before made me work a lot harder with my moves. My main concern about performing is unsurprising the stage fright. As easy as it may be to do a routine in your home, it felt very daunting getting up on the stage and showing people what you have been working so hard to create. But I can honestly say that the absolute buzz that I got when I came off the stage made me want to compete again.

So with my next competitions next weekend, I thought I would fill you in on the details of all my competitions and what I am planning to do. Hopefully I will be able to get some videos up of the performances and some videos of me training in preparation for them!


‘Pole factor’ Saturday 17th September

The competition has been organized to allow performers to receive feedback from the judges, who decide if they go through to the next heat. If you make it through the semi finals then you compete in the grand finals in May.

The set up of the competition is there are 3 judges, 3 buzzers and 3 minutes to perform (like the x factor).  Competitors can choose to enter 1 of 3 categories ‘classical’, ‘Rnb’ and ‘pop/rock’. I really like this idea because sometimes it’s hard to compete against someone whose style is totally different to yours!

I shall be competing in the classical category and I have chosen to perform to ‘Adele-make you feel my love’. I will be using both a spinning and static pole, and my routine includes spins and inverts.

Although it was short notice to get a routine ready for this competition I hope that the judges can see my potential to improve over the rounds!

Oh and after the competition we are having a party in the club, with competitors getting VIP entry. Can’t be too bad can it!


‘Pole 2 pole amateur cup final’ Friday 28th October

The pole 2 pole final will be my biggest competition of the year, and its hosted in the amazingly big civics hall in Grays, Essex. Tickets can be brought from this website!
I am going to be doing my routine to ‘Manchester orchestra- simple maths’ although not many people would have heard it before, I think that it goes really well with my style of dancing, and it gives me a lot of opportunities to show different paces in my routine. I am yet to finish my costume or routine for this, which is quite scary, as the months seem to be quickly flying past, but once I have completed the pole factor, then all my attention will go onto this.

This will be my second and last competition as a amateur as after this I hope to take my instructor qualification. I wish I had been able to do more competitions like this before, but I know I will take a lot away from this one regardless.


‘Nottingham pole association competition’ Sunday 20th November

Routine wise, this will be my most complex and advanced to date, not only because I will be entering the instructor category, but because I know the competition in Nottingham will be very hard and I will be competing against so many people I admire.

I shall be performing to ‘John Murphy- In a house, in a heartbeat’ which is a very dramatic song, which I hope my routine can live up to. I’m planning to have a fiery red costume and very dramatic make up, but one thing for sure is that I will be going bare footed as this will be my first performance on a x stage and I’m not that confident on them!

I’m looking forward to my family being able to come and see me perform, as the other competitions at my term time hometown, 200 miles from home!


Take care everyone, and good luck to anyone else prepearing for a competition


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