My name is Ingrid and I live in Holland my height is 180cm and my weight is 70kg. I am 27 years old and I attend pole dancing lessons at Elisa Jo Pole Dancing studio in Alkmaar Holland.

Pole dancing started for me when a good friend of mine told me she was was going to attend a pole dancing workshop and she also showed me some pictures from other workshops that she had attended before and I think that is how I found pole dancing.

My teacher Elisa Jo won the Benelux Pole Dance Competition this year and I have been doing to Elisa Jo for pole dancing lessons now for around one year.

When I first started as a newbie pole dancer ouch did it hurt but now the bruises are just part of pole dancing for me and it doesn’t seem to hurt that much anymore. Every week I am learning new moves and I am thinking how does my body move in so many weird kind of positions.

I get my inspiration for this sport in lots of ways by having my lesson from other girls that make up new moves each month at the studio and from YouTube plus so many from Elisa Jo. I feel my dance style is graceful and womanly however it is sometimes a little bit tough. I train twice a week and run long, hard and fast each week, I do not diet but try to eat very healthy.

I think there are still a lot of people out there who still have the wrong idea about pole dancing and do not seem to see this as a sport yet and when I tell someone I do pole dancing they sometime start to laugh. However I feel most people will change and start to see pole dancing as a sport and come to like it more as it is being more main stream and highlighted more in magazines and by having lots of pole dancing competitions and workshops over the world.

My favourite moves are Gemini, swan, jade, butterfly & the princes. I train now in the expert class at the studio I attend yet still feel I have all the moves under control. I have some favourite pole dancers such as Anastacia Skukhtorova & Oona Kivelä but I have not entered any competitions like they have but my future plans for pole dancing is to become a expert pole dancer. I feel the only way to do this is to try and see as many top pole dancers at work by attending as many pole dancing competitions as possible such as the upcoming pole dancing competition I will be attending in Holland on Sunday 14th October 2012, called the European Pole Dance Champion 2012.

I have a signature move its called the star and my favourite song is Hallo by  Beyonce I can also do the splits and feel that I should always try to point my toes so any move that I do will always look much nicer even if I can’t always control that move 100%


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