For about 18 months now, I’ve been attempting to learn this move and so far with little success. The move is a ‘Gemini’, but I know it better as my nemesis. The simple reason for this is that I cannot do it. I find myself getting incredibly frustrated when every attempt ends in failure, much to the amusement of the girls who laugh at my outbursts of ranting! What makes it so annoying is that I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.  What is it that’s so complicated?

I really like how this move looks when done correctly, and as far as difficulty levels go, it’s nowhere near the top of the list. Plus as a result of not being able to do a Gemini, I’m also struggling with the Scorpio move as well, which goes hand in hand with a Gemini. I’ve seen plenty of girl’s transition from one to the other and back again, and it really does look so pretty, but for some reason it’s beyond me.

Well not any more. I’ve decided to set myself a goal of being able to do this move by the time my next competition arrives, which is the end of November. Not only am I going to perfect this move, but I’ll include it in my routine so I’ve got nowhere to hide and everything to prove. That gives me 12 weeks to learn and perfect the move, which I think seems realistic.

This is the first goal I’ve ever set myself as far as dancing goes, and I’m not one to give up on what I set out to achieve. Watch this space, I’ll keep you posted!

Wish me luck!

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