After I posted my last blog, some of my friends and students asked that I try some other grip aides and review them as well. I want to gradually work my way through all the grip products that are on the market, but WOW, there are so many. Some are marketed just for polers; while others are not really marketed for pole, but have found their way into the hearts (and hands) of polers. I still think that working up your natural calluses is the best thing to do to provide the most grip, but for those who still have SHS (sweaty hand syndrome) grip aides can be the best course of action.


     This product is very similar to the product Dry Hands, which I reviewed in Get A Grip….Really. Though I did notice several differences.Packaged as either a click and pour or a spray; the process for this product is pretty straight forward. Shake the bottle, pour (or spray) a dime sized amount into your palm, and rub in (make sure you get your finger tips as well). This provides a great grip in less than thirty seconds. However, unlike Dry Hands, this product tend to stay on your hands a great deal longer and does not require the constant reapplication. I find this product to be great for pole classes, as well as for more experienced polers. It does still tend to get on the pole and your clothes, but if you don’t mind that small issue, then Grrrip is worth the money.

Pole Physics Body Lotion:

     Designed for polers who don’t want to have to choose between moisturized skin or dry skin. Lets be honest, moisturized skin sticks to the pole a great deal better than dry skin, it feels better, and helps fight the aging process. Pole Physics is a water based lotion that claims to soak into the skin rather quickly. I found that if I put it on after my morning shower, I would be alright to pole by the time I got to the studio (about 45 minutes to an hour). Anything sooner than that just wouldn’t work. Make sure you wash your hands, as for some reason the lotion just doesn’t soak in all the way there. The down side: this product is not cheap and has to be bought on the internet. If you want a cheap version of the product go to your local market and dig to find a water based lotion without mineral oils. Use it after your morning shower, and wait at least an hour before you pole.

Mighty Grip Powder:

     This powder-based product works with your sweaty hands to create a “tacky” substance that provides grip instead of slip. Just take a small amount and pour it into the palm of your hand and work it in all the way to your finger tips. Make sure you give it a few seconds to set, and off you go. **Side note: Do not try to pour it into your hands while standing in front of a fan. (Yeah, I did that….Poof! White powder all in my face. And let me just say, this stuff doesn’t taste very well, either.) All in all a great product for new polers as well as experienced polers.

Mighty Grip Gloves:

     Have you ever had days when your hands were just too sore from poling the day before? I know I have. So my friend loaned me her gloves for a week of testing. These gloves come in an array of sizes, colors, and “tacky” or “non-tacky”. The non-tacky are good for static pole moves such as spins, climbs, and inverts; providing enough grip to hold the movement, but not so much that you can’t execute basic spins. The tacky gloves work great on the spin pole by providing the maximum grip with the vinyl palm. The down side: they are fingerless so you still need to put on another type of grip product to coat your fingers and prevent the gloves from slipping.

**Please remember, the opinions I state in my blog are just that, opinions. I try products of my own accord. No company offers me products or money in order to endorse their products, nor would I allow such a thing to occur. If you would like me to try a product, or have a thought on a product, please feel free to comment.



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