I recently had an old friend magically appear back into my life. It was a cosmic twist of fate that put both of us on the same street at the same time. The world allowed us the opportunity to re-connect and I feel better for it.

While catching up on what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s the same – I admitted to how much of an impact he had made on my life so many years ago and the void I felt when he went away. Although our friendship was short-lived, it brightened my day, lifted my spirit and became something I welcomed. He had no idea.

Every interaction we have with people leaves an impression – good, bad, or maybe just forgotten.  For those impressions that I have made which stick with people – I often wonder – what is it? Did I say something that made an impact in their world? Did I make them laugh when they needed it more than anything? Was I a guardian angel for someone?

Reflecting back there are people who have fundamentally changed who I am and probably have no idea. When I was an awkward 17-year-old, Jason – a guy I barely knew – gave me his seat on the bus. This random act of kindness taught me that you truly can be kind to anyone in any situation, no matter how poorly they may feel about themselves at the time. He died two years later in a horrific car accident but 20 years later I have never forgotten him or his impact.

At Pole Dancing Winnipeg we try to leave a positive impact in the lives of the women we come in contact with. Although the fitness classes are designed to make women stronger physically, we also hope to leave them stronger emotionally. At our parties, we impress upon people that everyone is beautiful because everyone truly is beautiful.

I receive feedback from women who after attending parties, danced away with memories that will bring a smile to their face for years. Others have told me that as a result of attending our workshops their lives have been changed for the better forever – they felt alive again, felt sexy!

At the end of the day, I guess leaving a lasting impression is two-fold. One: you want to interact with people in such a way that it leaves a positive impact in their world. And two: you have to tell someone when they leave a positive impression on you. Both are great gifts that need to be repeated as many times as possible.


Based in Winnipeg, Canada, Carolyne Braid, President of PoleFit Canada, has been in the pole fitness industry since 2005 when she turned a passion into a business. Proud mother of two children, active volunteer, and friend to many, Carolyne enjoys sharing her trials and triumphs of being a business owner, a woman, and a parent. She can be reached at carolyne@polefitcanada.ca.


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