The Wednesday night class has been dancing together for some time now. Its part of the reason I love it so much, as without the girls it just wouldn’t be the same. A normal night usually consists of lots of chatting, laughing at each other, and no doubt at some point someone will lower the tone. And then of course we actually do some dancing.

We always start with an aerobic warm up and a stretch and then get down to business. Some weeks, if I’m tired, I know it’s going to be ‘one of those weeks’ where I just can’t find the energy to get my butt up the pole. But this week was the complete opposite of that. I was feeling pumped and ready to throw myself into it. What then transpired throughout the night was one of the best classes I’ve ever had!

You may have seen that I’ve set myself a pole goal of learning to do a Gemini (see pervious blog). That was a few weeks ago. I can now do it (yay), but it hasn’t been without a few bruised hips and a swollen knee or two. I’m still not confident with the move and there is certainly room for improvement if I’m to achieve my goal of putting it in my next competition routine at the end of November. But at least I can now say that I can do a Gemini! Wahoo! Huge thanks to Sam and the girls as without their help and support, I don’t think I’d have got it so quickly.

Then to add to this week’s achievements, I can now also do a Handspring, which is a move I’ve been learning to do for about 3 months now. I’ve still not quite got my balance right once I get up, but that’s really coming along and I would like to think I can have that perfected in the next week or so.

This week, Sam wanted us to try a Bow and Arrow from a straight leg Fallen Angel. I had a fall on the pole a while ago, whilst trying to get into a Brass Monkey from a straight let Fallen Angel and since then, I’ve had a real confidence issue with the move. I wanted to give Bow and Arrow a go, but wanted to be confident with the Fallen Angel first. I tried it a couple of times, although with some reservations. I was worried about falling and it was showing. After a couple of attempts, and feeling like I was on a roll from my other achievements of the night, I decided to give the Bow and Arrow a go. I watched a couple of the others, and they made it look easy. I climbed up and dropped down into the Fallen Angel, which was much more confident that the previous times, got my hands in place, lowered down, hooked my foot, dropped my leg out and there it was! Bow and Arrow on my first ever attempt! Get in! I came down and had another couple of go’s, each time getting more confident and more fluid in the transition.

I think it’s safe to say that I finished the class absolutely buzzing. Not only had I done my Handspring and Gemini, but I’d also conquered some demons in the straight leg Fallen Angel, and learned a new move in the Bow and Arrow. I was on fire this week…here’s hoping I can keep it up in next week’s class.

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