“Liquid Motion”™ will be making its European debut at the first ever “United Kingdom Pole Dancing and Fitness Convention. “  We are so excited to bring our program to you for one very important reason;

The Amateurs!!!!  As the pole industry grows we have found there is an incredible need to teach our new polers how to just move their bodies free of the tricks; how to understand movement and music not just on the pole but also OFF the pole. I recently had a student win the Amateur division at the Pole2Pole Cup USA 2012 pole dancing competition in the United States. I am convinced it was this students understanding of Liquid Motion that gave her the fluidity, confidence, and mature grace needed to win the category.  We feel that as new dancers, taking this workshop will give you a better understanding of movement and flow and a better understanding of your pole dancing. With that said …..

Liquid motion does not teach pole tricks of any kind.

It is the fundamentals of each individual’s body movement. It is sensual movement to help gain an understanding of how your body moves and the exploration of movement with music, without learning specific choreography or tricks. It gets the students out of the idea of that “follow the leader instruction” and teaches them to let their body be their guide. Liquid motion gives you a vocabulary; it’s up to you to string together your own language. “It’s more than just pole tricks”.

Liquid motion is so excited to be offering a special package at this event and to be able to give the amateur division students and beginner pole dancers the full “LIQUID” experience.  You will receive the following:

Two 90-minute workshops: Each workshop will be held on the same day back to back for £70.

The first workshop is:

Liquind motion 1. This is a sensual, movement based, workshop there is NO pole.  We spend most of our time understanding how our body moves through sensual floor work and wall work. In this workshop we revisit some basic floor sequences that you most likely will be familiar with. The difference is Liquid Motion teaches you a different perspective and push’s you to expand your movement. We teach you that you must not take even the smallest movement for granted by exploring the greater depths of even the most basic movement.  If you can’t move on the floor without thinking how can you do it on the pole?  Once you have completed this level, you will be ready for Liquid Motion 2.

There will be a short break in-between.

Liquid Motion 2: This workshop takes everything you have learned in the first level and applies it to the pole. Since you will be warm from the first workshop we will get right to it. We will learn a few different “flow” based sequences and learn how to make them as big, beautiful and seamless as we did in Liquid Motion 1. We will combine wall, floor and pole …The end goal is that you will understand how to move seamlessly eventually without thinking (And yes we will be doing this on Platinum stages & poles.) Our goal at Liquid Motion is to help young woman love themselves and amateur pole dancers understand that in a world of gymnast’s and contortionist there needs to be more: Simple Beautiful Movement.

As the co-owner of Liquid Motion both my partner and I strive for the tricks, so we understand the dedication it takes and we love that; but there needs to be more.  We truly believe Liquid Motion is that “more”.  “Liquid Motion” is much larger than pole dancing; it’s a lifestyle and a different perspective on movement.  Pole Dancing just seems to embrace it.

Liquid Motion looks forward to giving you permission to forget the pole tricks and Just Dance). See you in October 2012. For more information on Liquid Motion visit www.liquidmotionct.com


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