I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Robbie, though my friends call me Star (this could be due to the fact I have a rather large star tattooed on my hip). I am a proud mother of two wonderful, and talented children. I am also a pole instructor in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been poling for about nine or so years, yet I only recently (as in two years) began to take pole seriously.

It was when my best friend bought a pole for her house that my pole journey became the adventure it is. Before that point the only time I ever touched the pole was when I went into work at the local gentlemen’s club….gasp. Yes, I am also an exotic entertainer. Let’s face it, nine years ago no one know what pole dancers were, when you heard someone refer to themselves as a “pole dancer” it was assumed that that person was an exotic entertainer.

At first my friend and I were just trying to learn more moves to perform at work, but slowly it became a beast of it’s own. My friend went on to compete in a local competition and won. Then she went on to compete in other competitions as well. I kept working on my skills and toning up, and pushing. I finally competed in the same local competition she did years before, and I also won. However, I found that competing was rather nerve racking for me.

It took me another year to compete in a competition. This time I went a bit bigger with it. I tried for the Miss North Carolina Pole Dance title. With no short list of injuries (strained shoulder, broken toe, arthritis in my back and neck) I took the stage that weekend. I actually placed 3rd, which was amazing to me (but that’s a blog for later). This competition was even more nerve racking. Will I compete again? Probably. Let’s just say I am hooked on the adrenaline.

This blog will be my thoughts and experiences on competitions, my thoughts on products I have used, and thoughts and tips on pole moves.

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