Name: Helen Price

Height: 155cm

Age: 46

School or Club: Pure-Studios

Location: Hereford, England

Splits Or no Splits? No Splits

Q: How did you find Pole Dance, or did it find you?

A: Went through a friend that told me about it, had a brilliant time, was hooked from the first lesson as the teacher was amazing and made me feel I could do this. I never stuck to anything before in my life but pole is something so different it’s great.

Q: Who taught you, or how did you learn?

A: Annie Norris and still does amazing teacher and a very close friend.

Q: How did you think and feel back then, being a newbie?

A: Excited, nervous and intrigued but couldn’t wait to learn more. My first lesson I went with some friends, we made a girls night out with going to the pub for a drink afterwards. We all loved it and carried it on. With friends dropping out I stayed as everyone was so friendly I made new friends.

Q: And now?

A: It’s my life, my family, the pole school I attend is so friendly and I love all the classes that they do, not just pole. I couldn’t think of my life before now.

Q: Where/who do you get your inspiration from?

A: Jenyne Butterfly and of course Annie Norris who both are breath taking to watch.

Q: Describe your dancing style in one sentence.

A: Sexy, productive and love to show off.

Q: What training regimes/diets do you have?

A: To be honest I never really bothered but since wining Pole2Pole Mature Cup I’ve been going to the gym and watch I eat now.

Q: How often do you pole, and how long for?

A: I try to do pole at least 3 times a week but with work and family ties this is not always possible.

Q: What are your thoughts and opinions about the industry and pole dancing being more mainstream now?

A: To be honest we all know where the pole industry came from and to me pole is all about performance, sexual and flow. But it since has become a place for failed gymnasts to perform. Which don’t get me wrong they are strong and can do walk overs etc but that is not what pole dancing was about. They should stick with gymnastics or at least do competitions for them as I know personally I would hate to be up against one, I am not flexible and everything I do has taken me a lot of hard work! Pole is pole gymnastic is gym! I know a lot of people know what I am on about, for me starting at such an age with no dance or gymnastics behind me. Rant over sorry!

Q: What are your favorite moves?

A: Yoggie, rocket man drop and cross ankle.

Q: How long did it take you to nail those?

A: Well cross ankle was on my first attempt and I must say with pointed toes. Yoggie again after a few attempts of training then nailed it, straight away to a full one not half. This move I love and I did it on a spinning pole in my comp. Rocket man, this one took me quite a few times to nail it but now this is one of my favourite drops.

Q: Who are your favorite dancers out there now?

A: Annie Norris every time I watch her I get goosebumps. It’s a pleasure to watch Sally Ann Giles she is a true pole dancer, sexy strong and lovely to watch. Anastasia and Pantera are just a couple more.

Q: What competitions have you entered or won?

A: Well I would never enter a comp as with being 46 yrs old could never go against the younger generation so was so pleased when I was told Pole2Pole did a Mature Cup for over 40’s. I entered last year and came 2nd, I was so pleased as I’ve never entered anything in my life.

Then my friends asked if I was going to this years event, I was a bit nervous as I wanted to be better but oh my god, I really couldn’t believe I came first this year, amazing competition.

Q: What are your future plans for pole dance?

A: I want to carry on as long as my body allows me to become stronger and more flexible.

Q: Do you have any upcoming events?

A: Yes I really want to enter the worlds.

Q: What hints and tips would you like to share with our readers?

A: Never give up!! No matter what stage in your life, never give up. Take it to your limits. I started at the age if 43 (3 1/2 years ago) and never dreamed I would enter comps let alone win one or ever be any good. Anyone at any age can give this a go, any age, any shape, any size, it’s a great night out. Meeting I think the most friendly people and everyone gets something. Never give up.


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