Name: Nikki Retigan

Height: 5’2’’

Weight: 8 stone

Age: 30

School: Pole4all

Location: Essex

Signature Move: Open Allegra

Favourite Song: Any song by Ed Sheeran

Splits or No Splits: Only on my left side!


How did you find Pole Dance? Or did it find you?

My sister Claire suggested going, I wasn’t that excited but within the first 10 minutes I was hooked. I’ve been a bit obsessed with it ever since, I know a lot of people are the same, you just get addicted straight away.

Who taught you? Or how did you learn?

Jackie Fair from pole4all was my teacher for a few years. We had so much fun in her classes and made some amazing friends there. She has supported me ever since and comes to watch all her girls whenever we compete. Love my pole mama!

How did you think and feel back then, being a newbie?

When I first started I would think there is no way I’m going to ever be able to do certain moves. I had really weak arms, spaghetti arms! But I was really determined J

And now?

I feel really proud J I had two operations on my back when I was 11 and 13 so I have a metal rod in my spine and I wasn’t able to do a lot when I was younger. I never thought I’d be able to do anything like what I can do now. It’s a big achievement for me.

Where/who do you get your inspiration from?

Anywhere and everywhere! We have a pole group on facebook, like a little community where I get ideas, and I watch a lot of YouTube videos! I’m inspired by different songs as well, makes me want to choreograph routines!

Describe you’re dancing style in one sentence.

Good clean fun – haha! J

What training regimes/Diets do you have?

I train twice a week for 1 ½ – 2 hours with my pole wife Carla. We do lots of strength and tricks training and try to work on flexibility but it’s hard as we are old girls now 😉 I also stretch twice a day. When I have a competition/show coming up I’ll work on my routine a lot beforehand to get my cardio up as well. I always treat myself to a quarter pounder with cheese meal after I have done a show or competition. This is my main diet tip J

How often do you pole? And how long for?

At least twice a week for 1 ½ to 2 hours.

What are your thoughts and opinions about the industry and pole dancing being more main stream now?

I think it’s great! I used to do gymnastics when I was younger but had to give it up because of my operations. It’s given me an opportunity to do what I used to love and I recommend it to everyone!

How have things changed?

I think people are starting to see pole for what it actually is, not what it used to be.

What are your favorite moves?

Jade & aerial twisted handspring

How long did it take you to nail those?

The jade took me about a year, and I have only just started to do aerial handsprings in the last 6 months after almost 5 years! If at first you don’t succeed…..spend 5 years trying! J

Who are your favorite dancers out there now?

I adore Bendy Kate, she literally blows my mind. I watch her routines over and over again, she is really special. I also love Dan Rosen because he has amazing grace and flexibility for a man and his routines are really fun. Suzanne Potter McGregor is a brilliant choreographer and dancer and I get lots of ideas from her.

What competitions have you entered?  Or won?

I entered the pole2pole doubles cup with Carla and we came 2nd. But I’d never won anything until I won the Essex Pole Dance Championship in June….woohoo!

What are your future plans for pole dance?

I’m just going to keep at it, there are still so many moves that I want to try and get!

Do you have any upcoming events?

My next competition is the British Isles Pole Dance Champion 2014 competition on Saturday 9th November, very excited and training for that already!

What hints and tips would you like to share with our readers?”

My biggest tip for anyone who thinks they wouldn’t be able to pole dance, or they wouldn’t be good at it is just to try as you might surprise yourself. I’d never have thought I would be any good at pole because I have limitations with how my back moves and pretty much no flexibility in my spine, but I loved it from day one and kept at it. I’m not the best dancer in the world but I’m proud of what I can do and it’s the best thing I ever did, giving it a go. So my advice is if you want to, try it and persevere J

Also – use windowlene on your pole, it makes it nice and sticky! I also sometimes windowlene my skin but maybe don’t use that as a top tip 😉


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