It’s true what they say – the older you get, the greater the pain suffered when getting a tattoo.  Or maybe I am just becoming more of a wimp. Either way, it hurt. I wanted to add onto a small partial anklet tattoo which contains three Kanji symbols that make up two words – Hope and Happiness.

A number of years ago I experienced such a low point in my life that I considered options which would have been a long term solution to a short term situation. After that day, I realized that there were fundamentals – guiding principles – that I never wanted to lose sight of: Hope and Happiness. So committed was I to living by these thoughts, I had them permanently etched on my body. Hope and Happiness mean that there is always another day, things can get better and I can’t give up before the miracle happens.

I recently added to my tattoo of guiding principles and added three new words – Fun, Friendship and Taurus, again in Kanji symbols.

Fun is what life is all about. If you are not having fun, then what’s the point? I recently met Gary Doer, Ambassador to the United States, and my only question was ‘are you having fun?’ He said he was having the time of his life! Perfect! As a family we have a number of Golden Rules: no whining, stick together in large crowds, etc., with the biggest rule of all: Have fun!

Amazing, strong, dynamic Friends keep me sane. They lift me up when I can’t lift myself. They cry with me, laugh with me, and most of all make me better. I have an abundance of friends – both men and women – and I never want to forget just how important they are in my life.

Finally, Taurus represents my children as they fall under the Taurus astrological symbol. They are the greatest joy and the greatest challenge of my life.

Responsible businesses need to have guiding principles, something that they hold themselves accountable to; a set of guidelines by which all decisions are made. Pole Dancing Winnipeg’s guiding principles are:

–    Inner Beauty
–    Outer Strength
–    Empower community

I have seen firsthand that Inner Beauty really is an inside job. Some of the most outwardly beautiful women have held back on themselves and fail to recognize all they have to offer, while the opposite can be said for some less esthetically pleasing women who embrace all sides of themselves.

Outer strength represents the determination, fortitude and perseverance women have to obtain what they want, to accomplish all they want. Additionally, the literal meaning of increase physical strength through fitness applies.

Lastly, Empower Community, women connecting with women, creating a community that is stronger when mobilized. We strive to build a group of women who believe in themselves, believe they have the right to be empowered, believe they have the right to be strong and beautiful women.

What are your guiding principles? What do you hold to be so true that you base all decisions by them?


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