To grip or not to grip….aide that is. Let’s face it, this really is a dilemma for polers. While even I have had this internal debate, I try to warn my students that they should let their hands form natural calluses in order to provide the best grip on the pole. This really is the best way to go, but we live in a world of instant gratification, and lets be honest, when we want grip we want it right away. So, I have taken the time to test several grip products that are on the market for polers today.


Tite Grip:

This orange liquid applies directly from the container to your hand, then you rub it all the way to your finger tips and let dry. The process for drying can take a minute or two, but for those who are new to pole, those who have really sweaty hands, or those who are poling in a humid area, it’s a process worth waiting for. After the product dries one does have a better grip for executing spins and holds. Just be sure that you start with a pearl sized amount (not your ideal pearl….think pea), because if you put on too much, then you’ll have no grip at all.


Dry Hands:

The process for this product is pretty straight forward. Shake the bottle, pour a dime sized amount into your palm, and rub in (make sure you get your finger tips as well). This provides a great grip in less than thirty seconds. The down side of this product is that it rubs off on everything….the pole, your skin, your clothes. And as it rubs off your grip can become less reliable. I find this product to be great for pole classes, as well as for more experienced polers. Just make sure you have it handy for reapplication.



This product comes in a nifty little tub , so you have to dig it out (use the outside of your fingernail, so the product doesn’t get under your nail). You want to get about a dime sized amount and rub in your palms for a few seconds before rubbing the product on the places you want better grip. Takes about a minute, but as long as you wash your hands after applying it’s really amazing stuff. The problem I ran into, was that if I leave it on my hands and then pole, it becomes slick and my hand grip is shot. This is most likely because I have sweaty hands. However, for grip on the rest of my body, it was amazing. This is a great product for all levels of polers and has a variety of levels available depending on what you may want to do.



This product came neatly packaged in a spray container, so you don’t have to put it on your hands if you don’t want to. Simply spray the areas you want to have better grip control, wait for it to dry, and go. With a variety of levels of grip control available to choose from, this product imitates the body’s natural moisture to provide grip. This product is great for all levels of polers, especially if they find they have better grip with their bodies a bit on the clammy side (think the first stage of sweating).

There are still more products to try. Everything ranging from products you apply to your skin, to products you wear. So expect more to come.

Please remember, the opinions I state in my blog are just that, opinions. I try products of my own accord. No company offers me products or money in order to endorse their products, nor would I allow such a thing to occur. If you would like me to try a product, or have a thought on a product, please feel free to comment.

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