The Goeswell Dance School, headed up by Anne Goswell, will be hosting its second annual pole competition on Saturday 20th April 2013. Thinking that competing really isn’t for you or that Edinburgh is rather far away? Read on…..

The competition has a little bit of something for different abilities and interests.  In the individual section there are Beginner’s, Intermediate and Advanced sections.  This gives everybody an opportunity to compete and perform.  In each category there is a set dance which will be available online via, this dance will be performed with 3 on stage at time.  So although it’s an individual category, you’ll have company up there, perfect if you’re a bit nervous about occupying an entire stage.   There is also an improvisation section where competitors will listen to a piece of music and then be asked to perform; again this will be 3 at a time up on stage.  The last individual category is the Freestyle.  This is a routine performed solo, choreographed by the performer.  It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and express yourself.  As someone who’s only performed a couple of times, I have to say there is no buzz quite like hearing your music and then just letting yourself go!  Rumour has it there may also be an instructor’s category; watch the Goeswell website for details.

If you on’t want to get up on stage on your own, how about getting up with a friend?  There is a duet section too, again this is freestyle so there will be a lot of variety in themes and music and costumes.  Working on a routine with a partner brings a whole new dimension to performing so might also be something more experienced performers want to venture into.  This section is sure to contain everything from acrobatic to artistic to just downright fun.

Last but not least is the freestyle groups section.  The maximum size of group is 6 and all bets are off in this section.  It’s open ability but this shouldn’t put beginners off, it will be more about how together a group is and the quality of their performance than it is about who has the best tricks!  The mind boggles at what’s going to come out of a no-holds barred section.

The judges themselves are an impressive bunch we will have Pantera Blacksmith (USA); Jeannine Wilkerling (Germany); Sally Giles (UK); Phil Harding (UK).  A quick trip to YouTube and you can see why these guys are judges and why it’s such a great opportunity to learn from them directly.  Each competitor will be given feedback from the judges so you will be able to see where strengths are and which bits need a tweak or 2. 

The competition is not only the show itself on the Saturday; over the weekend there will also be an opportunity to do master classes with the judges which will be open to all, not just competitors.  These workshops will cover exotic dance, transitions/performance, tricks/spins and even Chinese pole see the Goeswell website for booking details.

Goeswell School is a friendly place and we look forward to seeing you!

By Alicia Knight


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