A positive aspect of having a condition called dyspraxia is we generally look younger than we are. I am Lynne and at 52, I’m told that I look a great deal younger than my years. I’m also told that I have a fun sense of humour, am articulate and am a warm and caring person.

I wanted to share with you fellow pole dance lovers the challenges that my dyspraxia causes me in my quest to be the best that I can be in this performance art.

So, imagine if you were like me and not always able to hear the beats in the tracks. Imagine having to learn routines to the lyrics in a song and not the beats. Add to this imagine tiring easily, having your coordination significantly impacted and your short-term memory affected which means you would need more time and support than others to learn routines. At times my social awareness radar isn’t as active as it could be, and I can miss vital clues which can make me appear to be selfish.

Perhaps at this point you’re wondering why I bother to pole dance with all these added challenges but this is not a request for sympathy, this is my journey which I’m sure will encourage others to strive to achieve hand in hand with a condition like dyspraxia.

Pole dancing always intrigued me. I had seen posters advertising classes and about 4 years ago I decided to try it out for myself. I quickly realised that I needed more tuition than others and I didn’t get the best out of very large classes. My solution to this is I attend three different pole dancing schools. This enables me to go to a class any day of the week depending on my shifts at work and I can pick and choose the quieter classes and the best teachers. I have been hugely supported by one particular instructor who researched the dyspraxia condition to learn how she could better support me with my coordination challenges. With support like that, I can’t fail.

These days I am working towards getting my level 4 award in pole dancing and I greatly enjoy being able to advise the beginners where I see that a small change could make a significant difference to their technique. I have gained so much confidence from pole dancing and regularly attend shows where the positive feedback gives me a huge sense of achievement. I struggle to put in to words the feel good factor of pole dancing. I have been exercising regularly since I was 30 but the gym feels a bit dull in comparison to pole dancing, as there’s no competition, there are no shows…..the competitive element in me wants to perform! Physically my bodily strength has improved but I wish my flexibility could be better.

So on to routines. I haven’t yet designed my own routine all the way through but I have had a standing ovation to my performances. I love matching my costume to the song and lean towards the rockier tracks like “Schools Out” by Alice Cooper, “Urgent” by Foreigner and never forgetting the wonderful Bay City Rollers. The more detail on my costume, the better – I love a bit of sparkle and spend a lot of time getting my look just right. I recently purchased the Guide to Competitions as sponsored by Pole2Pole Magazine and found it full of incredibly useful advice. I even changed one of my routines because of the guidance and would recommend that others buy it too.

Pole dancing is a huge and wonderful part of my life and will always continue to be. For 2015 my personal goal is to design my own routine from beginning to end by myself. I am holding a charity show in June this year and planning is in the early stages. My future holds bigger goals – I want to be a pole dancing instructor – that is my aim and I know I can achieve it as I have more drive and determination in me yet.

Finally, I’m really looking forward to seeing all my pole buddies and excellent instructors at the 2015 United Kingdom Pole Dancing & Fitness Convention in Blackpool, between Friday 13th & Sunday 15th November 2015. I hope to see you there!

Photos by David James Hughes Photography & Events


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