The British Isles Pole Dance Competition 2009 was a great night for all, no doubt it was a night to remember. The audience were amazed by the contestants’ fresh ideas and modern routines. It was evident how hard the competitors for The British Isles Pole Dance Competition trained to reach high expectations. The staff worked well together, each playing a role which certainly allowed the night to run smoothly and without complications. The BBC were greatly  involved with The British Isles Pole Dance Competition. They attended to see and film the proceedings as well as interviewing the dancers and people involved.

I am Lauri Smith, I work for Pole2Pole Magazine. My job in the competition was to host for the VIPs, making sure that they were well looked after and having an excellent evening. Being the competition host meant that I must welcome the VIPs at the entrance of Civic Hall and lead them to their tables, which was next to the stage. On the night I made sure that they were settled in and feeling satisfied. In the intervals, I had a chance to speak with some of the VIPs about their views on the performances and their over-look of pole dancing in general. I had the privilege to meet the judges and people deeply involved with the pole dance industry. They were inspirational people and were all very lovely. I was enthusiastic to listen to their comments and feelings about the art of pole dancing and their praises based upon the contestants.

Just before the competition began, the audience arriving looked very excited and anxious to take up their seats, ready for what talent awaits them. The audience were very optimistic and supportive towards the competitors and patient in between the acts. The intervals allowed people to have something to eat and drink at the bar. I was able to speak with some members of the audience and blend in with the superb atmosphere. From watching some of the acts, I could see that some of the amateurs contestants were nearly as good at the professionals. The moves seen on the Poles shocked the audience, causing them to gasp. They were impressed with the risky moves the girls performed in order to be winner of their category. The audience encouraged as they applauded the more difficult moves. Near the end of the competition, winners for the raffle were announced. The raffle offered great prizes, with first prize being a one week stay in a luxury apartment in Turkey. A donation will be made from the raffle proceeds to the British Heart Foundation and the Essex Horse and Pony Society.

I would like to give a big thanks to John Meredith, who owned and organised the competition. Without him none of this would be possible. I would also like to thank Annette Savill and Hannah Savill, who were the competition’s manager and co-ordinator. They too had worked very hard to ensure that The British Isles Pole Dance Competition 2009 was a success. Also well done to all other members of staff for their efforts, all of them were very friendly and polite.

I was amazed to learn that judges Jeannine Wilkerling (Miss Pole Dance Germany 2007/2008), Ms Tanja Suni (from Aerial Dancing Finland) and Michaela Roberts (from Britain’s Got Talent) had all met for the first time to be a part of The British Isles Pole Dance Competition 2009. These three intelligent and beautiful women from different parts of the world had travelled far to work together for this memorable night. They told me that they agreed with each other very well over the contestants and only disputed  over smaller factors such as costume, which is understandable. The judges were very enthusiastic towards the performances and I was very pleased to listen to these inspirational ladies. I was very proud that The British Isles Pole Dance Competition brought people from all over with diverse backgrounds together to enjoy this eventful night.  I am very proud to have played a part in The British Isles Pole Dance Competition 2009 and to represent Pole2Pole Magazine.

Look out for the British Isles Pole Dance Competition 2009 on DVD coming soon to Pole2Pole Magazine.


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