When having a recent conversation with a friend, I realized that I didn’t have an interesting response to “What’s new?” So, feeling that I was no longer interesting, I embarked on a new adventure – I was going to learn how to cook. To me, cooking is a chore; I can’t stand it, I find it a waste of time, and frankly I’m happy living on toast and meal replacement bars. My children, aged 9 and 11, have learned to cook a few simple meals for themselves, as they know that if they rely upon me for a descent meal they will be short changed.  Seriously – one time I messed up boiled perogies.

So, I have embarked on finding joy in cooking in the hopes that I will again find myself interesting with the added benefits of expanding my skills and abilities in the kitchen.  Note: upon further reflection, I realized that I am very interesting and have a very varied, fun, and exciting life. But alas, I made the commitment to cook at least one meal a week.

My children were excited with my new personal adventure and we have turned it into family gourmet night. Our first meal had my son (nine) in charge of the side dish and he made a lovely tossed salad with homemade lemon dressing that was tangy enough to pucker all of our faces. My daughter (11) was responsible for dessert and made sugar cookie smores that sandwiched together icing and roasted marshmallows. I was responsible for the main course and chose vegetarian lasagna as my first kick at the kitchen cat.

As the afternoon of cooking away progressed, I realized that cooking could be fun. Soon both of the kids asked if they could help me with my portion of our meal and soon we were all cooking together.  With the table set and plates served I said a simple prayer: “All right Lord, please let this taste good.” Forks in hand, we delved in and almost in unison we let out a “mmmmmmmm….” It was delicious!

I realized several things from this experience – taking on new adventures, even ones that you really have no desire to do – can lead to great things. By challenging myself I am learning how to cook or at least gaining confidence in the kitchen. I am also finding a new way to bring my family together. The laughs and giggles that the kids and I had that afternoon were priceless and truly a memory I will keep forever.

In pole fitness I hear time and time again from women that finally one day, they just finally say “that’s it, I’m going to do this!” They decide to accept the adventure and jump in with both feet. Much like my glorious meal – they find amazing results greeting them at the end of the class. Women walk out feeling better about themselves from the inside out, toned bodies, they walk a little taller and maybe even with a sway to their step. Those in their lives, much like my children enjoyed our family time together, reap the benefits of having a woman in their life that is happier and more invigorated with life.

Take on an adventure as the results could be more then you ever imagined.

The above story is one of many of Carolyne Braid’s takes on pole dancing and life in general. Be sure to follow her monthly column in Pole2Pole each and every month!


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