Hi guys!

I’ve been back in Nottingham for my summer holidays from University for a few weeks now and every week I have told myself I would get down to the local pole dance lessons, and finally I did! Pole Palais host drop in group sessions most days of the week, and it is less than a 5 minute drive from me (always a bonus!!) It is the first time I’ve seen the studio and it was amazing! Sandrea Simons has done an amazing job at decorating the place, and it has a lovely vintage kitsch theme!

Although I like practicing at home, as its nice to get plenty of time on the pole and well its just so convenient, there is nothing better than practicing with other people. Maybe its the little bit of pressure you get from people watching or the feeling of needing to perform, but I generally think the advice and support of other people goes along way! I have been struggling with the twisted grip handspring forever, and I finally got it today! With the advice from Sandrea to bring my arms in closer and to take the move in smaller steps instead of trying to get my legs up straight away, I managed to get it (see picture below) and I now know the technique to do the brass monkey, although putting the knowledge into action will take a bit more practice.

I will definitely be going back to Pole Palais as much as possible whilst I’m back at home, and making my lessons in Colchester at little sapphires part of my weekly schedule and sticking to it, no matter what!

I think pole dancing isn’t just about the fitness element, but the amazing social element too, and that as long as you don’t spend the whole lesson gossiping away you can come away with so much.

I will be practicing the twisted grip handspring to get it smoother and maybe try it on a spinning pole in the style of Caterina Gennaro, and maybe next lesson I’ll nail brass monkey!

Love Sophie


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