Pole Dancer Natalia Dornell

Here is another great interview from the archives. This was published back in our June 2009 issue, so for those who never got to read it, here it is…

Natalia Dornell’s Stats

Height: 5ft 3”
Weight: 7 Stone 8lbs
Age: 27
School Name: Art Dance Studio Pole Dance
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Signature Pole Move: Hand Spring
Can she do the splits: Yes
Fav Song: Van Halem “Jum

How did you find Pole Dance or did it find you?

Pole dance found me nine years ago when I was a dancer. I began experiencing without previous knowledge and trough years of practise I developed this passion.

Who taught you?  Or how did you learn?

I started by myself. Later when foreign pole dance performances videos were available I copied some moves and then, two years ago, I had some training to improve my techniques in Art Dance Studio the most recognized school in my country.

How did you think and feel back then, being a newbie?

Nine years ago I didn’t know the complexity and scope of Pole Dance since it was practically unknown in Argentina and information very poor. It was only about me, Pole and my preferred music trying to create some different tricks.

And now?

Now the activity has gained recognition and is practised by more than a thousand women in my country. I feel great for pioneering and being recognized as the best dancer.

Where or who do you get your inspiration from?

I usually keep updated and research on great dancer’s performances worldwide. I learn what I like most from their performances and add it to my performances with my own characteristics and style. My best inspirers are the Australian pole dancers Jamilla Deville and Felix.

Describe your dancing style in one sentence.

Refined, elegant, soft… Everybody says it seems I’m suspended in the air.

What training regimes/Diets do you have?

Apart from my Pole training I have some specific training for strength and stretching improvement.

How often do you pole? And how long for?

I usually train twice or three times a week. Before a competition I train up to four hours every day.

What are your thoughts and opinions about the industry and pole dancing being more main stream now?

Pole dance is increasingly becoming a well known and respected sport and artistic activity. Every day more girls select it to train their bodies, have fun and develop self esteem. In South America, although it has developed at a surprising speed it will take some time to reach the maturity it already has in Europe.

How have things changed?

Pole dancers are more professional, performances have reached an impressive complexity and beauty. The activity is respected and girls start learning younger.

What are your favourite moves?

Hand Spring, Knee hold, Pole box splits and straight edge split.

How long did it take you to nail those?

It took me some time to gain the required stretching but it was easy for me thanks to my strength.

Who are your favourite dancers out there now?

I enjoy Elena Gibson’s style and the expertise of Australian pole dancers Jamilla Deville and Felix.

What competitions have you entered or won?

I won Miss Pole Dance Argentina 2008 out of eighteen contestants.

What are your future plans for pole dance?

Keep on training, competing and perfecting my techniques.

Do you have any upcoming events?

Next September I will compete in Miss Pole Dance south America 2009 which will be held in Argentina. Since Amsterdam Cup was cancelled I would also like to compete in a world class event this year.

What hints and tips would you like to share with our readers?

If you want to do great in pole dance you should consider complementary training to gain strength and stretching. This will allow you improve your techniques and avoid injuries.


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